It is vital that everyone have equal access to care - but how do we achieve that access during a global pandemic? Cloudbreak Health is introducing two new telehealth solutions that not only help your team become more efficient when every minute counts, but also protects from unnecessary exposure and preserves precious PPE. Read below for more information.

 We know hospitals using Cloudbreak Martti for language access are seeking more telehealth services to address acute cases virtually, including suspected coronavirus cases. So, until further notice, we’re making Cloudbreak telehealth apps available to our Cloudbreak customers at no cost. With Cloudbreak Telemed, you can call out to or receive calls from your patients and care team using your Cloudbreak device or hospital iPad. With Cloudbreak Consult, providers can join and initiate virtual consults, calling directly to patient rooms. 


CLOUDBREAK TELEMED for Providers and Patients

 This application can be used as a patient facing application on a device assigned to a patient room or moving from room to room with a care team member. With an intake form upon log-in, you have the option to ‘assign’ the device to a room number or location, and identify the patient’s name. This information will populate in the provider’s Cloudbreak Consult application, enabling them to also call out to identified patients. Cloudbreak Telemed displays the care specialists who are currently available for video consults.


This is an easy-to-use telehealth app for care providers. This app handles the care side of telehealth and allows you to easily indicate when you are available to join virtual consults. Cloudbreak Consult allows you to join calls from patients or call patients using Cloudbreak Telemed, all in high-definition video. You can add an interpreter to your consultation as needed by connecting with a Martti Operator. This app is available for your Cloudbreak devices, iPad, and iPhone. Desktop and Laptop versions of the application will be released soon.




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